"It was about 15 years ago that Lefty Kreh first introduced me to Wanda. Lefty praised her as a wonderful person, excellent fly fishing and casting teacher, and an important link to what he believed would be women’s growth as participants in the sport. As an Advisory Staff member of TFO, Wanda has proven Lefty to be correct. The only thing more impressive than her ability to teach is her enthusiasm for getting more folks involved into fly fishing. I strongly encourage you to attend any of her many engagements around the country." - Rick Pope, TFO Chairman

"I produced a video focusing on coastal fly fishing and chose Wanda to be the host, guide and teacher in the opening segment. She was better than I could ever have hoped for: warm, friendly, informative and inspiring. I also employed Wanda in a series of fly fishing promotions for gear and clothing. Here, too, she was spectacular – her attributes of professionalism, her sense of humor and her talent for being able to “come through the lens” to get important points across were magnificent.

I’ve known Wanda for many years and, as my role as the coordinator of presenters for The Seven Fly Fishing Clubs of Southern California, I always try to slate her to speak and show one of her great visual presentations to the clubs whenever her busy schedule allows. Her programs are always informational, valuable and fun to watch. I highly recommend her to be a speaker for any club, fair or conclave."

Jeffrey M Pill - Producer/Director/Writer

"Donna and I have known Wanda for many years. She and Donna, along with Lefty Kreh designed the TFO Casting For Recovery rod benefiting the non-profit program financially. Donna and I added matching Teeny CFR fly lines and CFR rod tubes to compliment the package. We appreciate “ALL” that she has done and continues to do for fly people and our great sport of fly fishing. The heart of Wanda Taylor is not just climbing the ladder, but climbing it, with a hand down pulling people up to be more than they thought they could be. Donna and I are proud to call her friend!" - Jim & Donna Teeny, jimteeny.com

“It is not at all coincidental that Wanda Taylor finds herself celebrating her 15th year on the TFO Advisory Staff Team...Her credentials have spoken for themselves during these almost two decades...as they continue to do!”  Flip Pallot, Advisory staff member TFO, TV celebrity, guide extraordinaire, Walkers Cay Chronicles Legend.
P.S. I still owe you a grown up snook. Flip Pallot’s, “Memories, Mangroves & Magic”
- Flip Pallot

"I first met Wanda more than 18 years ago at Harker’s Island, NC.  We were fishing for false albacore and she teased me about my casting – actually, she was complementing me in her own wry way.  I knew right then I was going to like that lady.  Over the years we’ve become close friends, personally and professionally – she’s my gal pal.  We’ve done fishing TV shows together; she’s fished with me on the California Delta and in Baja. She’s stayed in our home – my wife loves her.  Wanda is the real deal, one whose grown into a solid, skillful fly-fishing professional, casting instructor and guide –one who I’d put up against any man – or other woman.  Not only is she highly qualified to teach fly casting and fly-fishing, she makes it damned fun for man or woman. She’s an absolute treasure to be on the water with.  The best part is that Wanda loves to work with women and children bringing them into our passion of fly-fishing - kudos to Wanda for her devotion in these venues. I can’t wait until we share a skiff together again – or a drift boat...  " - Dan Blanton, danblanton.com

Industry Endorsements

Jeffrey M Pill - Producer/Director/Writer for a series of documentary outdoor television programs and home DVDs/Videos for Miracle Productions. In charge of marketing and advertising of these shows for TV, direct mail order, retail and foreign TV sales. Shows include Why Fly Fishing, Successful Fly Fishing Strategies with Gary LaFontaine, Joan Wulff’s Dynamics of Fly Casting, The Art of Spey Casting and Women & FlyFishing: An Introduction.

"It has been my pleasure to know and work with Wanda Taylor for more than 20 years. She's a leading voice in the fly fishing community, and true role model for today's fly angler. Wanda's ability to connect with students on any level, and help them improve their skills makes her a great addition to any event be it at the club level, or at a national show."

- Beau Beasley - Author of Fly Fishing Virginia and Fly Fishing the Mid-Atlantic Director of Programs and Sponsorship Development, Virginia Fly Fishing Festival - www.beaubeasley.com

"Dear Wanda, it is the very rare person that can convey their love of something… be it a sport, a hobby, a place… and actually bring that passion alive to others.  You are so very gifted, not just at fly fishing (although you are fairly good at that) but at filling spaces with your positive energy, and sharing that energy with all around you.
We are so fortunate to have you as a part of Casting Carolinas!"

- Kathy Ackerman, www.castingcarolinas.com

"I have known Wanda for over 25 years. She became the first female certified master casting instructor of the FFF program, while I was on the Advisory board of the Federation of Fly Fishers. She has been a guest instructor in my Bonefish School in the Bahamas,as well as, in my Sailfish Fly fishing school held at Casa Vieja Lodge in Guatemala.

In my opinion she is one of the best fly casting Instructors when it comes to men, women and children of all ages. She is a person of the highest character and morals, a great teacher, and fun angler to fish with. I strongly endorse her as an expert in all fazes of our wonderful sport of fly casting and fishing." - Captain Jake Jordan, jakejordan.com

"Wanda Taylor has been a member of Chota’s Pro Staff for many years. The 1st ever Female International Federation of Fly Fishers World Master Cast Instructor, Wanda is affectionately known as “The First Lady of Fly Fishing”. However, in my opinion, Wanda’s long list of Fly Fishing accomplishments and accolades pale when compared to the dedication of using her Fly Fishing and teaching skills to help mend and enrich the lives of those who have and are suffering physical and emotional injuries due to Cancer and War. Wanda spends a great deal of her personal time each year working with benevolent non-profit organizations (promoting, organizing, teaching, and guiding). I am proud call Wanda my friend."
- Frank Bryant, Chota Outdoor Gear

Wanda Taylor

Fly Casting Instruction